Rosie’s First Review!

Thanks to Kristine Hall for this wonderful review of A Home for Rosie:


It is always such a pleasure to read and review one of Misty Baker’s books, and A Home for Rosie is no exception. Truly, I was on the verge of tears while reading this story; it is so painful at times! Baker does an excellent job of putting the reader into Rosie’s shoes and conveying Rosie’s confusion — and ultimately her despair and depression. Accompanied by the sweet, expressive illustrations by Kattarina Storost, specific emotions are definitely conveyed and heartstrings are pulled. A lot.

If other readers are like me, they will finish this book and want to go out and adopt a senior pet right away. (Parents, be prepared!) Perhaps because I have a senior animal myself (a nearly fifteen-year-old Jack Russell terrier), the story was even more heart-wrenching as I imagined our poor dog being left like Rosie. To that end, readers will enjoy and find comfort in the real-life pet adoption stories included at the end of the book.

Read the rest of the review here:

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