Come Visit Me in Columbia, KY


Christmas in Columbia

This Saturday, from 1-4 pm, I’ll be at the Christmas in Columbia event in the Holloway Health and Wellness Center on Lindsey Wilson College’s Campus. If you’re in the area, please stop by. Vendors from near and far will be there selling all sorts of great items to finish your Christmas shopping list.


I’ll be there with all four children’s books AND my romance titles (Click HERE to browse those).  Books make wonderful gifts for children. They probably have enough toys, so give them the gift of reading instead!

kids books

The Pirate is Back!

It’s not goodbye, just a fun farewell!

Come out and see me tomorrow (11AM EST)  at A Reader’s Corner bookstore on Franklin Ave. Rumor has it that a pirate will be reading Quentin’s Problem and some back-to-school themed books. ☠️

It’s also the last Saturday story time before the store’s new owners take over. On September 2nd, the store will be called Roar-Shack Books & Art. Let’s all show Ms. Judy lots of love and welcome the new owners, Thomas & Amanda!


Where and when?

A Reader’s Corner
11:00 AM EST
2044 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky

School Visit for Earth Day!

Friday, I visited St. Aloysius Catholic School in Pewee Valley. In honor of Earth Day (Saturday, April 22) I read Fuzzy Buzzy’s Treasure to several groups of kiddos from pre-K through 3rd grade and spoke about bee conservation and why we have to protect our bees.

We also made bookmarks with squiggly antennas. Several kiddos asked me to autograph them.

IMG_3872 (1)

All the kids were awesome and asked a lot of great questions. We talked about how all these fruits and vegetables need bees to pollinate them. I was particularly impressed to discover how many fellow broccoli lovers were in the audience!

We also compared the fictional pollen baskets in the story to a closeup pic of a real pollen basket on a honeybee.

Several kiddos ordered signed books, and one young man even brought in two he had bought somewhere else and had me sign them. I think we all had fun, and I didn’t even lose my voice after reading to about seven groups!

So, a big, big thank you to Mrs. Lohman and all the teachers, staff and kids at St. Aloysius for a very fun school visit. I hope I can visit again soon.