How Do YOU Stay Healthy This Winter?

jparr1-300x224All week, school has been out here in our corner of Kentucky due to snow and severe cold. While snowed and frozen in, I can’t get to the Y for my workouts, and the kids miss their daily recess and gym time. It’s far too easy to sit around, watchTV, play video games and eat some not-so-healthy snacks. Of course, we all know what happens next. Our clothes are tighter, we’re more sluggish, and it’s hard to get back into a good routine.

Here are a few things I’m trying:

    • Chores–yeah, I know, no fun. But vacuuming, mopping, changing beds and litter boxes DOES burn calories. Plus it’s a must when everyone’s stuck inside for a week. Better yet, get the kids to pitch in so they can benefit from movement too.
    • Healthy snacks–When you’re at Kroger raiding the bread and milk with everyone else at the first mention of snow, grab some fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks that your kids like. Things that are easy to prepare and munch are the best: baby carrots, bananas, grapes, and ready-to-eat snacks like GoGo squeez Fruit & VeggieZ. Through BzzAgent, I got to try some so I could give a yay or nay about it  The kids LOVED it and want more, so soon as the driveway is negotiable and I don’t freeze my eyelids off when I step outside, I’ll be buying more.

  • Maintaining school-day routines–When you’re off for a week, it’s easy to let things like bedtimes, mealtimes, baths, etc slide. But when it’s time to get back on that big yellow bus before the sun’s up, it’s that much harder if you haven’t maintained a regular routine. Sure, let things slack a LITTLE, but don’t let the little ones stay up all night with the TV on. Get them to bed within an hour of their usual bedtime and try to get those three regular meals (and healthy snacks) during the day. Showers…at least every other day, or your house is going to smell like a herd of wildebeests moved in.

Now, let’s hear from our readers. What are YOU doing to keep your family healthy this winter?

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