Had a Blast at the River City Book Bash

The River City Book Bash was on Saturday, July 20 in Cincinnati. It turned out to be a super fun event, and I’m really glad I decided to feature my children’s books, as there were several kiddos, parents, and grandparents in attendance. Here a are a few pics of some of these sweeties with my books. I love my job!

River City bash 1

River City bash 2

River City bash 3

River City bash 4

Keep the kiddos reading this summer!

Where will we be next? Come on out to A Reader’s Corner Bookstore for story hour on July 11 at 11:00 AM EST!! I’ll be reading Fuzzy Buzzy’s Treasure, Quentin’s Problem, and more! Plus there’ll be goodies for the kiddos. Story time is a perfect quick getaway for the “I’m bored” blues this summer!


A Reader’s Corner Bookstore

2044 Frankfort Ave

Louisville, Kentucky 40206

Arr you near Lexington, KY?

1797577_10152056398233663_947701718174105442_nLet’s try this again! Due to the monsoon last Saturday, the event at Morris Book Shop was a wash, literally 🙂 So, we’ll be there again this Saturday (June 27) with Quentin, Fuzzy Buzzy and some goodies for the kids. Unless you need to build an ark again this Saturday, come out to see us if you’re in the area!!

Big Ears Story Time

11:00 am EST

882 E High St
Lexington, Kentucky
(859) 276-0494


Buzzing into School Today

I had a great time as the “mystery reader” for my son’s first grade class this morning at Buckner Elementary (that’s my son sitting by me-at least he’s not old enough for Mom to embarrass him yet). I read Fuzzy Buzzy’s Treasure to them and gave every kid a cute pom-pom bee. The kids loved the story and had lots of questions/comments. A great big thank you to all the kids, to Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Collins for letting me share today.


Here is one of the bumblebees I made:

11130160_729837953795353_908871680201717187_nWant to make your own? This website has great step-by-step instructions:


Guest Post: Book Therapy

Girl of 1000 Wonders

Book Therapy

by Misty Baker

Sometimes, I find myself wishing I was a kid again, especially when I get out of bed cracking and popping like Rice Krispies. I bet you wish you could turn back the hands of the clock of aging as well. But, if you really think back to when you were little, you might remember some big struggles. Like learning to ride your bike without training wheels. Learning to tie your shoes. Learning to read and write. Speech impediments. Getting glasses. That first day of school–so scary and exciting at the same time! Braces…ugh. Bullies and big brothers, and a multitude of bruises. Let’s not forget peanut or bee allergies.

Then there were tougher things. Losing grandparents. Divorce. Perhaps even poverty and abuse. Things we don’t understand fully as adults. Some of us had to grow up a lot quicker than we should have.

For me, when I…

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Fuzzy Buzzy has landed!

At long last, Fuzzy Buzzy’s Treasure is buzzing to life and available now in print on CreateSpace! It’ll be up on Amazon in the next 3-5 days. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I want to again say THANK YOU to all the wonderful sponsors who helped me give Fuzzy Buzzy her wings. I’m planning to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Xerxes Society for bumblebee conservation, so your purchases and donations will go to a great cause!

Here’s the link to Fuzzy Buzzy: https://www.createspace.com/5327476

And here is a look at the cover spread. It’s so pretty, don’t ya think?

cover spread 50%