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A Home for Rosie by Misty Baker

A Home for Rosie

by Misty Baker

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 Enter this Goodreads giveaway for my latest children’s book, A Home for Rosie, about an older dog who needs a home. If you could share this giveaway on your social media, blogs, or anywhere else, I’d really appreciate it! It’s a very touching story that I hope will raise awareness for all the older and special needs pets who are often overlooked for adoption. 

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Rosie’s First Review!

Thanks to Kristine Hall for this wonderful review of A Home for Rosie:


It is always such a pleasure to read and review one of Misty Baker’s books, and A Home for Rosie is no exception. Truly, I was on the verge of tears while reading this story; it is so painful at times! Baker does an excellent job of putting the reader into Rosie’s shoes and conveying Rosie’s confusion — and ultimately her despair and depression. Accompanied by the sweet, expressive illustrations by Kattarina Storost, specific emotions are definitely conveyed and heartstrings are pulled. A lot.

If other readers are like me, they will finish this book and want to go out and adopt a senior pet right away. (Parents, be prepared!) Perhaps because I have a senior animal myself (a nearly fifteen-year-old Jack Russell terrier), the story was even more heart-wrenching as I imagined our poor dog being left like Rosie. To that end, readers will enjoy and find comfort in the real-life pet adoption stories included at the end of the book.

Read the rest of the review here:

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A great book for a good cause!


I’m very happy to show you guys a brand new release to an ongoing series of Christmas anthologies. Christmas Lites began six years ago, bringing together authors of all genres to write holiday-themed stories in one collection. All proceeds from the start of the series have gone to benefit the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). This year’s collection, Christmas Lites VI, continues that tradition. However, new to this release are a few stories written by kids as well as adults. My youngest daughter Zoe is among them! It’s her first big publication, and I’m so proud!!

You can find Christmas Lites VI in ebook and print through Amazon and Createspace. Just click the links below to get your copy. Get a few as gifts too! Your purchase will benefit families who’ve survived things most of us can’t even imagine. 100% of the profits will go directly to the NCADV. Thank you for your generosity!

CreateSpace (Buying print directly from here will provide more money for the charity!)

Santa Paws was a blast!

We had a lot of fun at the Santa Paws event on 12/3/16. My daughter Megan helped with the bake sale and watched my table when I needed a break. We sold enough books to donate a big portion of it ($75) to the Humane Society of Oldham County. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by to buy books or chat!

The turnout was tremendous, so I hope that they raised a lot of funds over the weekend. They have land that was donated to build a bigger facility, but they need a lot of funding to be able to build it. If you can help in any way, please go to their Facebook page HERE and click “Donate” or to their website here to find other ways to help such as volunteering or supplies for their wish list.


A Home for Rosie NOW Available!

Come see me on Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Oldham County Humane Society’s “Santa Paws” event! I’ll have plenty of copies available to sign for the kiddos AND I’m donating a portion of the sales to the OC Humane Society. It’s a GREAT time to buy books for the kids on your list and support the animals and the hard working folks at our local no-kill shelter! You can also get your pet’s picture with Santa, and all those proceeds will benefit the shelter.



Rosie is an older dog who loves her home and her owner, Paul. She enjoys playing and taking walks with him. One day, Paul gets very sick and can’t take her on a walk. He goes away in a big white van with flashing lights…and never returns. Rosie is taken to a shelter. Day after day, she waits for Paul to return and watches as brown dogs, white dogs, puppies and kittens are adopted. Won’t anyone take Rosie home?
This story is inspired by the millions of older and special needs pets who are overlooked at adoption time. At the end is a special bonus feature of 5 real adoption stories!

Available in paperback at these sites:


Barnes & Noble

And at these independent bookstores:

Karen’s Book Barn, Lagrange, KY

A Reader’s Corner, Louisville, KY

Ask your local bookstores to order it from Ingram (yes, they are returnable) with these ISBNs:

ISBN-10: 1938768728

ISBN-13: 978-1938768729

Dinosaur Zoo Now Available!

 Dinosaur Zoo is now available!! Click HERE to find it on Amazon. If you’d like a signed copy, email me at and we’ll arrange it!

Welcome to the Dinosaur Zoo, home to playful dinos and one very busy zookeeper! Sally works hard every day, taking care of the zoo and its prehistoric inhabitants. Once they’re fed and clean, the dinosaurs are eager to play with their favorite zookeeper. But, Sally has too much to do. She can’t just stop working, or can she? This colorful, interactive story teaches the importance of balancing work and play – for kids AND adults!