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Here is another pet that will be featured at the end of A Home for Rosie. This is Snape, an 11 yr. old Border Collie, and a very sweet companion to Lynda C. from Brazil, Indiana.


Snape’s story is a little different in that he is a registered purebred. In fact, his AKC name is “Grand Champion Wych’s Prince of Summer.” Lynda purchased Snape when he was just 10 weeks old from a responsible breeder and has had him ever since. Now that he’s a senior dog, Lynda has to give him daily supplements and sometimes prescription medication to keep his arthritis under control. He’s also on a special diet for older dogs.

Lynda and Snape have traveled all over the place, attending dog shows. He recently participated in his last one. Lynda recalls how much fun he had: “He went to the Collie Club of America National specialty show in March and “played” dog show in the veteran’s class. It was my distinct honor to hold his lead as he took his very last trip around the ring and I cried the whole time I was showing him. He was having a blast, never stopped showing, and was certain all the applause was just for him.”

With Lynda’s devoted care and attention to his health, Snape is doing well. He loves grilled chicken and enjoys playing dog show, howling and traveling.

I’m including his story because Snape and Lynda are a great example of responsible purebred pet ownership. He’s lucky to have a great home. But many purebred animals aren’t so lucky. Not every shelter pet is a mutt. Did you know that up to 25% of pets in shelters are purebred? They’re homeless for many reasons. Sometimes their owners can no longer afford to care for them or have to move to somewhere that doesn’t allow pets. Some are rescued from “puppy mills,” where irresponsible breeders keep their animals cooped up in horrible conditions for the sole purpose of making a lot of money. Some, like Pit Bulls and Greyhounds, are rescued from dog fighting rings and racetracks.

If you’re fond of a certain breed, be sure do your research to make certain it’s the right breed for your family. You can then purchase your pet from a responsible breeder or adopt from a shelter or rescue group. Adopting is a much cheaper option, and shelters will have already ensured the animals are healthy and well-behaved before they find their forever homes.

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