Wow…we’ve been busy!!

August and September have been crazy busy months for Quentin, Fuzzy, and the rest of my fictional family! To keep from being longwinded, here are some photos of where we’ve been.

Me and “Jack Sparrow” with Quentin’s Problem at Fandomfest in Louisville, August 7-9. It’s your typical comic con, and I’m dressing the part as Caliphany, the elven ranger from my Tallenmere fantasy romance series. 🙂

Here we were at Steamboat Days, Sept 5 & 6 in Jeffersonville, IN. And boy did we get steamed. Temps were mid-nineties all weekend. Luckily I brought plenty of icewater and my fan mister 🙂

I had a great time at Imaginarium in Louisville on Sept 11 – 13. I dressed in pink all weekend to match my romance logo. The panels were better-attended than last year’s debut event, and I got to moderate one on children’s books! I’ve heard that I did a good job, therefore I’m stuck with ’em now LOL

Just this past weekend, I attended the Kentuckiana Authors Book Blitz at the historic Palace Theater in Louisville. I was sooo excited to be in such a unique venue. Here I am with good friend and mentor, award-winning children’s author Meg Fisher. Her daughter LOVES Fuzzy Buzzy’s Treasure and has worn out one copy already! That makes my job so worthwhile, knowing my books have brought such joy to a child.

We have lots more events coming up in October, November, and even December! I’ll start a list on the sidebar 🙂

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